Monday, October 5, 2009

I love flowers

Ok, here is the flower tutorial I promised yesterday. I got the idea from a Lady named Marion from a site called A Piece Of Craft, which you can find on You Tube. I did add a little more and made it my own.

Items Needed:
Light coloured flower (I used Kaisercraft)
Black Stamp pad
An acrylic block (not pictured)
A circle shaped stamp (again I used Kaisercraft)
Glimmermist (I used Juneberry wine)
An artist's paintbrush
Double sided tape (not pictured)
Kindy Glitz

Place a circle shaped stamp on the acrylic block and ink up with black stamp pad. Then stamp image on flower. it doesn't have straight, even adds character off centre a bit.

Next take the mister nozzle off of the Glimmermist bottle and dip your paintbrush into Glimmermist liquid, then lightly dab the flower petel tip (being paper it will absorb liquid quickly) then slowly keep dabbing till it gets to the edge of the stamped image.

This is a close up of painted tips. Notice the colour smudges, it continues to spread even after you have added the liquid Glimmermist.

Tie the floss in the buttonholes, I like the bow but you can just knot it also.

Add some double sided tape to the back of the button and stick to the middle of the stamped circle image. When you have done that add a little Kindy Glitz to your index finger and lightly touch the tip of the flower petal, slowly adding enough Glitz to cover painted tip of the flower.

When you have finished this is what you should end up with....

I hope you give this a go as it looks great in real life.... Would love to know if you gave it a try ;)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Had a busy weekend, went to my niece's 21st. I made a sign in book for her and if I can get it out of her hot little hands will post a pic for you all to see.
I was going to do a tutorial on another flower but have run out of time and the daylight isn't so hot at the moment but will give it ago tomorrow, it is really easy to do and it looks fabulous when you see it in real life.
I made a mini album this weekend out of seed packets that you buy from a stationary shop. I have to make 2 for my niece's xmas pressie's, will have to work on a better closure for it.
I also made a birthday card for my baby bro, I hope he will like it. I will have to make him a mini album for xmas as well, so he can see how we have changed over the year. He now lives in Tasmania and I live in Western Australia.
Well that is it from me but I will post another entry tomorrow with the flower tutorial.
Seeya Dina ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

OK, don't fall off your chairs. I know, this is my second blog entry in the SAME DAY. The Peony that I mentioned in the post before I made while surfing the net, thought I would post a pic for all of you to see. Soooo without further they are...tfl

Hope you all have a lovely day :)))

Wow, what a miserable day today? The skies are grey and overcast so the sun is having a hard time trying to pop it's head out and say HI!
I had an awesome day yesterday, got up at 6am and cranked up the computer....did 4 LO's of my adopta niece for her 21st album. I did scraplift 2 of the LO's and to those that I scraplifted...THANKS.....:) Finished of the BD card for my adopta niece and at 10.30 finally jumped in the shower. Took all of her presents to her and then came home and cleaned the house from top to toe....I even mopped the pet hate, I must say.....
On some of the discussion boards this month (Being Spring) they have talked about making flowers for your LO's. I LOVE flowers and found a lot of different ways to make them. So I thought ..... HEY... I have a blog and it is supposed to have some scrapbooking stuff here somewhere so I am going to try and discribe how to make some flowers...

Flower No# 1 Tissue paper peonies

Items Needed:
Tissue paper (mauves and pinks look amazing)
Good decorative scissors
Large jewel for centre
glue (one with a good adhesion)

You need to use your decorative scissors and tissue paper and cut 3 different size circles and 5 of each size. Starting with the lg circles place a small dab of glue in the centre and layer each piece. Then do the same with the next size circle, glueing them on top of the lg circles. Following with the smallest cirlcles. wait for the glue to dry and place the jewel in the centre of circle stack. Place the flower in the middle of you palm and crush it a little bit, if that doesn't work properly then scrunch it with your other hand.
They look great plain but you can jazz them up a little by squeezing some kindy glitz on your fingers and running it around the edges of the peony...

This is one of my favourite flowers to make and they look very romantic on a LO. I hope you give them a go and the next time I make one I will post it here so you can see what it looks like.
I will try and get on next week with another flower I like to make.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hi all,
Well I recovered from my dreaded lurgies BUT..... My 14yo son Dean fainted in my kitchen the other night and before he went down he dropped a glass on the floor, which smashed...oh but thats not the best bit. When he fainted he landed on the broken glass....still not the best is the best bit he ended up with 3 little scratches on his arm and clunked his noggin on my tiled floor. So suffice to say my hubby spent most of the night at the hospital with our boy and Dean spent his first night in hospital.
After getting out of hospital I took him to our local GP and sat in a waitng room full of sick people wearing masks and coughing and spluttering and now I have another dreaded lurgy. OH Yay....

Now time for some scrapbooking news. I have been addicted to youtube watching "Thinking Inking" with Jennifer Mcguire. If I could adopt that woman as my sister I would... well she does a lot of stamping and inking and that makes a lot of mess. So I devised a inking mat out of wrapping paper and contact (mines red). Cover wrapping paper with clear contact, just like you would a school book and wallah and inking mat is born. Wipes off easily, cheap to make a new one when this one gets to mussed up and if you have a postage tube easy to store away.

Well time for me to have a black tea with a squeeze of lemon....come #cough# on #hack# Summer.

I will take a pic of my mini albums and my crumble topped cherry muffins that I am making tomorrow.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi all,
I have finally finished the entries into the Scrapbooking Memories Masters. I also sent it off today express post but I had to because I could not guarantee it getting there on time otherwise. That's my fault also as I started a new thing 3 times just for the off the page. First I tried my hand at a Birthday desk calender but the hooks I got for it were to short, then I began making a mini album for my wedding photos but it also became to bulky. I am happy with what I sent I just wish I could of aged some diecuts in it...will have to wait till I get it back and do that.
I only have a tickley cough now and and feeling almost like my old self. I wish my old bones would just thaw out though.
I have been making mini albums like crazy, people on You Tube make some lovely ones that I have just got to try but my favourite ones to make are cards I turn into mini's. The worst is that I don't actually use them, I have sent a couple onto friends as gifts or RAK's. I will have to get my hands on an old shoebox and decorate it so I have somewhere to put them so they don't get damaged.
Going to my sister's tomorrow to see my niece's, one niece is coming up from Bunbury, I have only met her a couple of it will be great to see her again.
Time for me to sign off see ya hopefully next week if my computer lets me on here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi all, well this week has had it's ups and downs. One of the downers was while standing in a bank line some twat coughed on the back of my hair and not a delicate cough, the king where you are sure they are going to need a lung transplant!!!! So 24 hours later I start to get a sore throat followed by all the classic symptoms of Flu. Usually I am good, I have the cold for 3 or 4 days and I am over it but this one is hanging around. Soooo I have been stuck at home for over a week and have scrapped my butt off. I have completed 3 of the 4 challenges for the masters and tomorrow I am hoping to complete the last one. woohoo
I have been trying to keep up with my blogging but have been having some trouble getting on. So I have given the computer a good clean up and kick my son out of the house for the day and now I am back....
Well time for me to sign off as I have some cough tablets to take and a hot cuppa waiting to be drunk and maybe some much needed sleep to catch up on.....