Sunday, January 25, 2009

These are my sons, Jess and Dean. The photo was taken just before my Husband and I got married. Jess is trying to get a kiss from his baby brother. It is the one thing that bugs Dean the most and Jess just knows how to get a rise from him...

I did this LO for a cybercrop at Scrapbooking Memories. I had to use an arrow, different size and colour alphas and doodling. I was very pleased with how this turned out as it was my first cybercrop and my first time having to do a LO too a time limit.

I have an almost full house at the moment. My daughter has moved back home for a couple of weeks and in a month or so my sister her partner and their baby are going to be staying with us while they look for a rental.

It will be good to have my sis back as she has been living in the Northern Territory for the last few months.

Well thats all I have to say for tonight, I will be posting quite a few Lo's soon as I now have the album I made for my daughters 21st here. Be warned they are very basic as I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing...

Ta Dina.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just Saying HI...

Hi All,
Well I bought a new camera. We went away to Albany for a few days and the pics I took there were less then impressive. I zoomed in on flowers and they were all pixelated but my major problem with my old camera was it took a second or two to take a photo. So by the time you clicked it people had already moved, blinked or stopped smiling. The woman at the shop said it was probably my red eye setting. OH I thought, will have to check that when I get camera doesn't have a red eye setting.
It is still a good camera, I have just outgrown it. So Big W were having a sale and my tax had come through. I went to check out a Fujifilm camera that I liked the look of but they had sold out. The lady then told me that camera wasn't as good as another camera she had in stock. The camera she showed me was a good camera but too small for me, I used to lose my old camera and it was slightly bigger then the one she was showing me.
I then went to another place who had my camera in stock but $80 more then Big W had it for. I asked the young bloke if the camera takes instant photos and can it blur the background....he then went to his boss who said the perfect camera for me was a smaller camera and it cost another $100 more then the camera I wanted which was already more then Big W.
So while bargain shopping after xmas I looked in Kmart they had a Fujifilm S5800 one down from what I wanted but it was bigger then the one I had.... took it home and these are some of the shots it took. I am no photographer but this years resolution is to take more pics of everything and this camera has it all instant pics, blurred background and It is big enough not to lose.... now where did I put that camera.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

I just bought some Grant's Archival stamp pads. They come in a pack of eight interlocking circle wedges. They had a few ranges of colours, so I went with the nature themed ones, which had browns and greens. I paid $9 and cents from Spotlight. My main reasoning for it was just over a dollar a stamp pad not bad pricing. Got them home (with a pile of other stuff bought the same day) and couldn't wait to test them out.
These ink pads are great, they ink up really well and the picture I got with them where very crisp and sharp. As you can tell by the pic I posted. I stamped leafy vines, decorative scroll and a butterfly. The ink stays wet for quite awhile so becareful not to touch it too soon. I smudged the butterfly trying to make it look like it was flying. I then used the blue inkpad and a flourish stamp and stamped the letters. I then used the same blue ink pad and wiped it on the cardstock, where the letters were being placed. Somewhere between actually sticking all this down I went and bought the rest of the Grants Archival stamp pads I could find. I love them and think they are worth more then I paid for them. Next i might try embossing with them....
Ta Dina