Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi all,
I have finally finished the entries into the Scrapbooking Memories Masters. I also sent it off today express post but I had to because I could not guarantee it getting there on time otherwise. That's my fault also as I started a new thing 3 times just for the off the page. First I tried my hand at a Birthday desk calender but the hooks I got for it were to short, then I began making a mini album for my wedding photos but it also became to bulky. I am happy with what I sent I just wish I could of aged some diecuts in it...will have to wait till I get it back and do that.
I only have a tickley cough now and and feeling almost like my old self. I wish my old bones would just thaw out though.
I have been making mini albums like crazy, people on You Tube make some lovely ones that I have just got to try but my favourite ones to make are cards I turn into mini's. The worst is that I don't actually use them, I have sent a couple onto friends as gifts or RAK's. I will have to get my hands on an old shoebox and decorate it so I have somewhere to put them so they don't get damaged.
Going to my sister's tomorrow to see my niece's, one niece is coming up from Bunbury, I have only met her a couple of it will be great to see her again.
Time for me to sign off see ya hopefully next week if my computer lets me on here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi all, well this week has had it's ups and downs. One of the downers was while standing in a bank line some twat coughed on the back of my hair and not a delicate cough, the king where you are sure they are going to need a lung transplant!!!! So 24 hours later I start to get a sore throat followed by all the classic symptoms of Flu. Usually I am good, I have the cold for 3 or 4 days and I am over it but this one is hanging around. Soooo I have been stuck at home for over a week and have scrapped my butt off. I have completed 3 of the 4 challenges for the masters and tomorrow I am hoping to complete the last one. woohoo
I have been trying to keep up with my blogging but have been having some trouble getting on. So I have given the computer a good clean up and kick my son out of the house for the day and now I am back....
Well time for me to sign off as I have some cough tablets to take and a hot cuppa waiting to be drunk and maybe some much needed sleep to catch up on.....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well it took me long enough....I know.... I am a slacker.....but look at what my good web friend Sue gave me. An Award...woohoooo. it is my first award and I know I am supposed to send it on but I just don't know enough people to send it to....except back to Sue....but I will accept it with a great big smile and a lift of my coffee cup in cheers to you Sue.
I have been rather busy the last couple of months looking after a friends 2yo, who can be a terror on 2 legs but still a sweetie and not just when he is don't know how I did it with my kids, cleaning the house, cooking a meal even just having a shower. Now I can barely find the time to scrap and I really wanted to put in an entry in this years masters.... I am not a defeatist usually but If I do manage to finish it, it will be a miracle.... well if I don't manage it there is always next year.
I have followers, who knew....I would of sooner if I actually kept up with my blog page which I think I will have to put in an a more concerted effort. So maybe Sundays I will at least try to say hi.....
Well i think it's time I signed off and go and watch Ice Age on TV....I can't help it I LOVE kids shows, they always make me giggle......hope to see you again next Sunday, hoping you have a funtablous week....