Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hi all,
I have finally finished the entries into the Scrapbooking Memories Masters. I also sent it off today express post but I had to because I could not guarantee it getting there on time otherwise. That's my fault also as I started a new thing 3 times just for the off the page. First I tried my hand at a Birthday desk calender but the hooks I got for it were to short, then I began making a mini album for my wedding photos but it also became to bulky. I am happy with what I sent I just wish I could of aged some diecuts in it...will have to wait till I get it back and do that.
I only have a tickley cough now and and feeling almost like my old self. I wish my old bones would just thaw out though.
I have been making mini albums like crazy, people on You Tube make some lovely ones that I have just got to try but my favourite ones to make are cards I turn into mini's. The worst is that I don't actually use them, I have sent a couple onto friends as gifts or RAK's. I will have to get my hands on an old shoebox and decorate it so I have somewhere to put them so they don't get damaged.
Going to my sister's tomorrow to see my niece's, one niece is coming up from Bunbury, I have only met her a couple of it will be great to see her again.
Time for me to sign off see ya hopefully next week if my computer lets me on here.


Sue said...

Hey there lovely lady! Congrats on getting your Masters entry finished and sent off - that is a massive achievement! Good luck with it! Glad to hear that you have been busy creating, you'll have to pop up some pics of the mini albums if you get a chance, they sound great! All well in my neck of the woods, as you saw on my blog, I've been scrapping like mad! Glad you are feeling a bit better, take care! XXX

Anthea said...

Glad you are feeling beter.

Good for you on getting your Masters entry done - I hope you do well. I cant wait too see some pics of your projects.

And I agree wutg Sue, would love to see some pics of your mini albumns. I have never done one myself, but have a few ideas for some for gifts. Would LOVE some inspiraton.