Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hi all,
Well I recovered from my dreaded lurgies BUT..... My 14yo son Dean fainted in my kitchen the other night and before he went down he dropped a glass on the floor, which smashed...oh but thats not the best bit. When he fainted he landed on the broken glass....still not the best is the best bit he ended up with 3 little scratches on his arm and clunked his noggin on my tiled floor. So suffice to say my hubby spent most of the night at the hospital with our boy and Dean spent his first night in hospital.
After getting out of hospital I took him to our local GP and sat in a waitng room full of sick people wearing masks and coughing and spluttering and now I have another dreaded lurgy. OH Yay....

Now time for some scrapbooking news. I have been addicted to youtube watching "Thinking Inking" with Jennifer Mcguire. If I could adopt that woman as my sister I would... well she does a lot of stamping and inking and that makes a lot of mess. So I devised a inking mat out of wrapping paper and contact (mines red). Cover wrapping paper with clear contact, just like you would a school book and wallah and inking mat is born. Wipes off easily, cheap to make a new one when this one gets to mussed up and if you have a postage tube easy to store away.

Well time for me to have a black tea with a squeeze of lemon....come #cough# on #hack# Summer.

I will take a pic of my mini albums and my crumble topped cherry muffins that I am making tomorrow.


Sue said...

Oh, your poor DS! He must have given you a hell of a fright! And I'm hearing you about the doctor's surgery, you should only go there if you WANT to get sick I reckon! (It probably wouldn't be so bad if some of them actually ran on time, then they wouldn't get so many people in the damn waiting room!) Can't wait to see what you've been up to scrap-wise and as usual you are making me

Anthea said...

Oh Dear Dinna, if it doesn't rain, it pours. I hope that your son is feeling OK and he has no more fainting episodes. As for you - I hope that you feel better soon, I agree with Sue, stay away from waiting rooms, they just breed bugs; in fact I wonder if the doctors actually plant them in there just to get repeat business? lol.

retta said...

Sorry to hear about your son dina. That would have been scary. Hope everything is alright. Your albums sound delightful.