Monday, September 28, 2009

OK, don't fall off your chairs. I know, this is my second blog entry in the SAME DAY. The Peony that I mentioned in the post before I made while surfing the net, thought I would post a pic for all of you to see. Soooo without further they are...tfl

Hope you all have a lovely day :)))

Wow, what a miserable day today? The skies are grey and overcast so the sun is having a hard time trying to pop it's head out and say HI!
I had an awesome day yesterday, got up at 6am and cranked up the computer....did 4 LO's of my adopta niece for her 21st album. I did scraplift 2 of the LO's and to those that I scraplifted...THANKS.....:) Finished of the BD card for my adopta niece and at 10.30 finally jumped in the shower. Took all of her presents to her and then came home and cleaned the house from top to toe....I even mopped the pet hate, I must say.....
On some of the discussion boards this month (Being Spring) they have talked about making flowers for your LO's. I LOVE flowers and found a lot of different ways to make them. So I thought ..... HEY... I have a blog and it is supposed to have some scrapbooking stuff here somewhere so I am going to try and discribe how to make some flowers...

Flower No# 1 Tissue paper peonies

Items Needed:
Tissue paper (mauves and pinks look amazing)
Good decorative scissors
Large jewel for centre
glue (one with a good adhesion)

You need to use your decorative scissors and tissue paper and cut 3 different size circles and 5 of each size. Starting with the lg circles place a small dab of glue in the centre and layer each piece. Then do the same with the next size circle, glueing them on top of the lg circles. Following with the smallest cirlcles. wait for the glue to dry and place the jewel in the centre of circle stack. Place the flower in the middle of you palm and crush it a little bit, if that doesn't work properly then scrunch it with your other hand.
They look great plain but you can jazz them up a little by squeezing some kindy glitz on your fingers and running it around the edges of the peony...

This is one of my favourite flowers to make and they look very romantic on a LO. I hope you give them a go and the next time I make one I will post it here so you can see what it looks like.
I will try and get on next week with another flower I like to make.