Sunday, October 4, 2009

Had a busy weekend, went to my niece's 21st. I made a sign in book for her and if I can get it out of her hot little hands will post a pic for you all to see.
I was going to do a tutorial on another flower but have run out of time and the daylight isn't so hot at the moment but will give it ago tomorrow, it is really easy to do and it looks fabulous when you see it in real life.
I made a mini album this weekend out of seed packets that you buy from a stationary shop. I have to make 2 for my niece's xmas pressie's, will have to work on a better closure for it.
I also made a birthday card for my baby bro, I hope he will like it. I will have to make him a mini album for xmas as well, so he can see how we have changed over the year. He now lives in Tasmania and I live in Western Australia.
Well that is it from me but I will post another entry tomorrow with the flower tutorial.
Seeya Dina ;)

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Anthea said...

Looking forward to part 2 of the flower tute! Glad you had a great weekend.