Monday, October 5, 2009

I love flowers

Ok, here is the flower tutorial I promised yesterday. I got the idea from a Lady named Marion from a site called A Piece Of Craft, which you can find on You Tube. I did add a little more and made it my own.

Items Needed:
Light coloured flower (I used Kaisercraft)
Black Stamp pad
An acrylic block (not pictured)
A circle shaped stamp (again I used Kaisercraft)
Glimmermist (I used Juneberry wine)
An artist's paintbrush
Double sided tape (not pictured)
Kindy Glitz

Place a circle shaped stamp on the acrylic block and ink up with black stamp pad. Then stamp image on flower. it doesn't have straight, even adds character off centre a bit.

Next take the mister nozzle off of the Glimmermist bottle and dip your paintbrush into Glimmermist liquid, then lightly dab the flower petel tip (being paper it will absorb liquid quickly) then slowly keep dabbing till it gets to the edge of the stamped image.

This is a close up of painted tips. Notice the colour smudges, it continues to spread even after you have added the liquid Glimmermist.

Tie the floss in the buttonholes, I like the bow but you can just knot it also.

Add some double sided tape to the back of the button and stick to the middle of the stamped circle image. When you have done that add a little Kindy Glitz to your index finger and lightly touch the tip of the flower petal, slowly adding enough Glitz to cover painted tip of the flower.

When you have finished this is what you should end up with....

I hope you give this a go as it looks great in real life.... Would love to know if you gave it a try ;)


retta said...

That looks great Dina. Wil have to give that a go, especially as I am making christmas cards at the moment! ooh will definately give it ago.

mez2909 said...

Dina that is an awesome looking flower....will go well with my style of are a clever girl!!

Chantal said...

Wow great idea Dina! Thanks for sharing!!! :)